Favoured! Get over it!

We are taught from a young age in school and especially in churches that we are all equal. While a potion of this is true the reality of it is we are not. See we all have something in common…..we are all human…..beautifully made……wonderfully diverse within the realms of humanity whether it be the colour of your skin or ethinicity…..the basic line of humanity between us ALL is equal. God made us ALL in his image…..He loves us ALL with everything he is….He has given ALL a choice between believing, loving and following him and his ways or not. Thats equality. But some are favored above others. Sounds terrible doesnt it, but lets break this down.

My parents loved me and my sister exactly the same….we both knew that our parents would do just about anything for us. But we were favored differently. When i turned 17 my dad said i had to have driving lessons. This was for a number of reasons but it especially became really important for my mam to be able to get to the hospital after her op on her legs, and my gran needed to get to the shops etc. My sister really struggled with co-ordination and for anyone who knows her…..to this day shes a terrible driver!lol. So dad had to rely on me. When i passed my driving test my dad said i could drive his car. Now at that moment my sister could have seen it that i was favored above her and it just wasnt fair so dad would have to give her something too in order to make it fair. But what she chose to see is that I WAS being favored but it was because of the months of work i had put into passing my test…..having to go to college then to the cafe to work, come home and have a driving lesson then back to the pub to wash glasses til 12am! I was favored because i had a journey to favor. You see favor comes when you have been on a journey first….you dont just go for zero to hero overnight.

My sister decided after achieving her degree she wanted to do her masters and phd etc which my parents helped pay for. She was favored above me in this situation because i got my degree and didnt want to be in education anymore so my parents told me to get a fulltime job! But Lydia worked her butt off to achieve the things she has in education, she deserved to be favored!! So next time you see someone being favored above yourself and others, dont judge, just think for a moment about the journey that person has taken to get to that point! And if you want to be favored then start your journey….work hard at serving other people, at humbling yourself to people who are favored, learning from those who have been on a journey. Humans are equal, life is not.

Originally posted August 26th 2017.

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