Fighting for something that’s not for you?

Everybody iss fighting for something. Some people are visibly going through situations and fighting for better, other are silently fighting. But either way, everyone has a fight in them.
There are two types of fighters though….those who are fighting for things which simply are not working for them or not for them and those who are fighting to stay focused on what God has in store for them.

You see one will always think theres better than their current situation, they will never be contented in what they have in life, they will blame everyone else for their failures and they will never see anything through to completion because of their lack of consistency. Whereas the other will not care about their situation, what is happening around them, how bleak a situation looks or even how peachy life is, they consistently work at the things God has given them in that moment and not strive beyond their means because they know that if anything is going to work its going to be by the grace of God only! One very wise minister said to me recently ‘In life there are those who will succeed and those who wont…..those who succeed are those who get on with it, dont moan, appreciate effort when they see it. Those who dont succeed will always think the job could be done better, that they know better and think the grass is always greener. What they fail to realise is the grass is greener on the other side because of the people i mentioned first.’

You see if you are fighting by using the tools of complaining, whining, pointing out the negatives in everything and having the woe is me attitude then you will never overcome anything….life will continue to be a series of problems and disappointments, going from one to the next and not accomplishing anything in the process. But if you fight to remain focused on God then he overcomes for you, the fight never consumes you but always find a way of placing you in places you never thought or dreamt. It takes you from one good thing to the next despite your circumstance, never leaving you empty or dry but encouraged and determined.
Be a fighter, but be a consistence, positive, encouraging, appreciative, God focused one!

Originally posted August 23rd 2017.

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