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The Worship Effect at Lovefest 2019

It’s that time of year again! The Worship Effect had the privilege of being invited back to Lovefest 2019. To experience God at work amongst his people, also to speak...

The Worship Effect – January 2019 Update

The Worship Effect has been going through some changes recently. Faith and Matt sit down to discuss the changes and what it will mean for our video outputs.

The Worship Effect – When God shows up

Matt is the lead video producer behind The Worship Effect. He shares with us a powerful testimony of how God showed up in his life, literally in a case of...

The Worship Effect – A Revival Concert

Moriah Chapel in Loughor is the home of the revivalist Evan Roberts and the birthplace of the great Welsh revival of 1904. It recently held a revival concert to celebrate...

The Worship Effect – Tabernacle Night 2018

The Feast Of Tabernacles is celebrated every year at Church On The Move. This video is a short summary of why this is important and what happened at Tabernacle 2018.

The Worship Effect – Bridgend

Bridgend is a town in the South Wales valleys and is the location for Compassion Church. When the world writes off Bridgend for having a dark history, you can bet...

Prayer Storm UK Tour – Wales

The Mission Hall in Neath was recently blessed to host the Wales leg of the Prayer Storm UK Awakening Tour. 6 hours of prayer, worship and fasting, to seek Gods...

The Worship Effect – Fingerprints

The Fingerprints of the revivalists who built the Mission Hall, lay all around us. But what should that really mean for us?

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