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New yesterday, today and forever!

The Worship Effect – New The joy of being a newborn in Christ as He says, come on, let’s do it!  

The Not So Silent Night

The Worship Effect – The Not so silent Night The first day, the first breath of our Lord Jesus. Was anything but silent, it was a moment in history that...

It’s Jesus or Bust!

The Worship Effect – It’s Jesus or Bust When you’ve come to the end of doing it in your own strength, it’s time to focus on Jesus above all else....

FOUND after how many decades?

The Worship Effect brings you a short update about a tale of something that has been hidden and forgotten about for decades! Right under our noses but now found, as...

It’s time to feast!

The Worship Effect – Time to Feast The Church on the Move family recently celebrated Shabbat, a time to rest and feast!

Living in the Now?

The Worship Effect – The Now Honouring the past is and has been important. But the time is now for living in the Now! For God is at work and...

The Worship Effect – The Drummer

‘No warrior enters the battlefield without first equipping himself’. This is the story of one mans weapons of war, not swords or guns. Drumsticks will be his weapon of choice.

The Worship Effect – A Hearts Desire

Have you ever had the desire of your heart fulfilled? This is the beautiful testimony of how God did just that for someone seeking His own heart in personal worship.

The Worship Effect – Time at St Ceins

There is no time in God, but what does this look like in reality when we catch a glimpse through the Shekhinah glory of God. Faith shared with us the...