Parents be careful!

Now, i am not the worlds best mother….i dont have a disciplined routine with my kids, i forget to sort their homework often, i often dont iron their school clothes (what a waste of time) i lose my patience and temper with them and they have a macdonalds! Offtttt terrible! So what your about to read next is not coming from a place of motherhood perfection…its coming from a place of reflection, how my parents dealt with it, and observation. But if you can understand the heart of it then you will see that this could make or break your childs success as a human being in the future.

Entitlement. Its both blessing and curse depending on how your taught about it from a young age. I was brought up entitled to nothing….my parents always established i lived in their home, used their money, and what i had from them was gifted to me out of love not entitlement just because my surname was Powell. Me and my sister were made to go to school even though my sister despised it…thank God because we were taught that in life your going to have to do things you hate but its for your good not your happiness! This was a crucial building block for me and lydia because when we are down or in the midst of a tough life situation we dont rely on our happiness to get us through because that would fail us….we rely on the Lords goodness. When i turned 14 i wanted more pocket money to buy the clothes i fancied….my dad told me to get a job. So i washed glasses in a rugby club and by the time i was 16 i had 3 jobs. I learnt i was entitled to what i worked for. My parents could see i worked hard and so paid for my driving lessons and allowed me to drive their car….i was not entitled to this, i was gifted it. And i appreciated it. Just a note that if you cant work, as many cant, then give what your good at….serve.

Anyway, In all those years i wanted to be a full time musician/singer but i was a glass washer/ pint puller/ waitress. My parents told me to work hard to get regular income for the things i wanted and put servanthood first. They taught me that if you want something, serve first, give first, you are not entitled to a successful career, its work. The bible tells us that a hard worker is blessed and on the other hand if you want something to be successful you have to give first. Parents, dont teach your kids that the world is their oyster just because they have a talent in something, teach them at a young age to work hard in a mucky job and earn real cash on a weekly basis and then give what they are good at, serve with that talent. What you will find is that talent will grow, it will be recognised, it will be appreciated, it will become a success. All too often these days kids think they are entitled to have a great job, to have a great house, to have an amazing car and even to be happy.

The reality is you have to work at it. I work at being content in the ex council house my husband worked very hard to buy, i work at being a good mum because im not a natural at it, i work hard at serving with my gifting that the Lord give me because people need it, i work hard to make sure my husband is contented with life…even if that means letting him run 5 times a week! Teach your kids that a character of servanthood is more beautiful than one of entitlement.

Originally posted June 24th 2017.

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