Part time christian? Yep they exist

This is by no means a judgement against those who fit into the following category but just a statement of observation and food for thought to exam ones own heart and motives….and trust me ive done both….very messy! lol.

I see today that there are many people stating they are christians and say they believe that Jesus is the truth, and thats wonderful. But its also seen that those who confess Jesus is their Lord and saviour treat him as just that. They do not move beyond a Christ that has so much more to offer. And its some of the most experienced, well knowledged christians who have been saved for years that have this relationship with God. How can i tell? Well firstly its got nothing to do with sin….the ‘oooo i cant get my life together because i cant stop sinning’…welcome to the club! But its in knowing what the most precious things are to Christ and fulfilling them….or not as the case may be.

See, the most precious thing you can do for Christ is NOT about not sinning…he knew that hence coming to die for us to give us a chance…by the way, dont sin, it sucks. The precious thing is the church. He even presents the church as the body of Christ….thats pretty awesome. I hear you say ‘but church is not a building, its the people’ and yes i agree with you. But Jesus was put on an alter and sacrificed for you….we are the body, the building is the alter. See the core of my relationship with Christ is knowing about his alter and the core of his relationship with me is knowing about mine. Its an honour and priviledge to come to church, to the alter and worship him. Its not a duty, its my responsibility and accountability to the one im after. I want to live in the fullness of Christ and to do that i have to hold dear the very things he holds precious….neglecting them means neglecting his heart and desires. My relationship with Christ is one that is forever growing because in that alter place i put myself to oneside, i find more light, more colour.

I want my heart to reflect his desires, and so that means putting his desires before my own. Coming to church isnt obedience, its love. Find me at the alter, where his wants are my desires.

Originally posted June 19th 2017.

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