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What happens next to you will be dictated by the choices you make now! Not fate, choice! This is not an agreeable concept for the majority of people because we as humans hate taking responsibility for the rubbish that happens. So this blog comes with a warning….if you get offended easily then please stop here! However, i recommend being offended sometimes… keeps us humble.

I often hear people say that once they become a christian and give their life to God that he would now dictate what happened next….from long term into the future to the right now moment. That simple is not true. And i should say that if you thought that then you are not living as a son in Gods house but rather a squatter. And that is a miserable place to be because nothing will ever meet your expectations, youll always blame the people who are being ‘favoured’ above you for why things are not working or happening the way you wanted. Truth is that God has presented us with choices. The bible is not a step by step rule book on how to live but rather a book of choices with warnings and celebrations of outcomes. For example, I was having a chat with a mate who started a womens group in her home a couple of weeks ago…..there had previously been one but had finished because the lady who took it before just had a baby. My mate after a couple of weeks had to finish the group because the last one no one turned up. She spent 30mins moaning to me about how people should be going and supporting eachother etc. I didnt say anything until she was done. I simple asked her this…..did you go to the womens group before you started it? Surprise surprise she said no. Light bulb. You see the choice she made not to make an effort (like she thought the other women should do) and go to the womens group meant that when she came to set up her own nobody wanted to go! You sow you weap!

So here comes the harshness…..and this is nothing i havent look at myself and learned from though….its good to look at ones own heart and keep it in check.

You have a choice to believe in God or not. But dont moan when things dont go your way, or you feel alone with no one to talk to. The whole premise of the christian faith is that a being beyond our capabilities of understanding care and loves us sooo much…..i mean come on, is that such a terrible thing to believe. It brings me immense comfort knowing that whatever happens….it going to be okay because i have the ultimate comforter!

If you have started a ministry and its gone down the pan then what ministry are you serving? For something to be successful you have to serve someone elses….give and you will recieve. And its hard serving sometimes because its not the razmataz that maybe you want but the choice is if you want longterm success then your guna have to start serving!

Is your church not living up to your expectations because you disagree with the pastor or dont get on with some people there? You have a choice….keep moaning and trust me you will eventually cut off the things that were a blessing to you or just come to the conclusion that church is not about you anyway. Shut mouth open ears….aint no amount of moaning guna fix your problems.

You want a house? Get a job!

You want a clean house? Clean it!

You dont want children? Dont have sex!

You dont want to be fat? Stop eating!

I could go on and on…..

Everything is a choice that have outcomes that will either be in your favour or not. Make good choices, kind choices, loving choices, sacrificial choices, hopeful choices! For what you chose now will dictate what happens next!

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