Defining moments

I grew up in very much a working class family. My mam was a stay at home mum and dad was a painter on the railway. They scraped for money, to the point where they had to shut off their phone line because they couldnt afford to pay for it. My mother made our clothes to go out aswel…out of all the clothes i remember having, it was those i was most fond of. Dad played guitar in the church band and mam was a sunday school teacher. Wow times were simple then!! We always had my parents friends around the house and their kids….we went on holidays together. It was brilliant. But it didnt stay that way.

Dads job changed…hes now a manager for a rail company who specialise in surveying brigdes and mam is a jack of all trades…she has to be everything really. Dad went from playing guitar in the worship team to pastoring a church. Our lives look completely different to 17years ago when cotm started. There seems to be sacrifices with everything. Sometimes we crave for ‘bigger and better’ things but dont realise that with those things comes sacrifices that are imposed on us. Recently i was chatting with a pastor of another church….a full and successful church and he said something that struck a chord with me…..he said that whilst his ministry and church is florishing and hes enjoying the fruits of years of labour, hes more lonely and feels more on his own now than ever! How can this be?! But it seems to be a running theme with ministers and their families. But you know….its okay. I kind of understand to be honest.

But let me just say, leaders and their families are just like you, human. They dont need invites to everything or compliments about how amazing they are. They just need a friend. So dont despise the days of small things….that rings a bell dont it!lol…..small days are simpler, easier. And when bigger things come calling, embrace it for what it is. Ministry is hard! If you are at the ‘simpler’ stage of life…enjoy it! Live in the moment….as a friend said sunday ‘the little moments are the ones that define who you will become’. And if your in the more ‘complicated’ stage in life then enjoy it…it will just be different things that you are enjoying. Live in the moment….and let that moment be a defining one.

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