Five tips for understanding worship

Worship doesn’t have a genre.

The worship team playing your favourite song doesn’t mean you’re more able to worship. That’s shallow worship because it’s doing more for you than God. Worshipping God regardless of the music and surroundings is a good indicator of your boundaries of worship. Be boundless!

Know why we worship.

The key to this is in the bible, look up the Tabernacle as the pattern for worship is there. It has been said that when the pattern is right the glory will fall. Have we got the pattern of worship right?

Be encouraged by those who love to worship.

Sit by people who are free in worship and don’t moan about how loud it is or what songs are played. Sit by someone who just loves to worship. This creates an atmosphere of worship surrounding that person, so get close and catch the worship bug.

Worship is a state of the heart and not the music.

Its great to sing songs together, but also sing what is in your heart. This is what king David did, whether he was overcome with fear or overcome with praise he still sang it to God, giving it all to Him. He was a man after Gods heart.

Know the Lord.

Know His worth, understand His beauty. It’s amazing how many people don’t worship because they can’t be bothered or they are too tired. My Gods worth is so much more than that! Live life in the light of the truth of who He is.

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