Halloween or hallono?

I’ve got to be honest i’m split about the festival of halloween! I was brought up to not have anything to do with it as far as the ‘scary’ bits were concerned…..no witches…..no ghosts…..nada. But i went to a fantastic church that always put on a ‘Hallelujah’ party on (I know, the name is cheeseeee). But it consisted of all things that bring light and joy!

Having said that, when i had my first child i didn’t want him missing out on the Halloween parties that my mates were having for their kids as church had stopped putting these type of events on. And schools are now much more active with the Halloween parties and dressing up etc. I didn’t want my kids to be the subject of bullying just because I was against the darkness that halloween presents. Now, throughout the year I promote happiness and positivity in my house…..the kids don’t watch scary films as it gives them nightmares and that brings fear to them. Aint no fear gunna flourish in my house! So how can i let one festival which promotes being scared into my kids lives? Answer is i’m torn!

But tonight I think i’ve come to my point of standing on the matter. I took my eldest son to the school halloween party….he went in normal dress with his face painted as ‘jack the pumpkin king’. At first he loved his face painting and then i could tell something was wrong. He began to get upset over nothing. But I ushered him into the car to get him there on time. Kids were streaming into the school….some dressed up, some not! He got to the door of the hall and burst out crying….and ran back to me. This is a 9 year old boy who LOVES parties. We didn’t stick around, I got him back into the car and asked him to explain what happened. He said he likes going to parties to have fun and dance with his friends, not to be scared. He does not find being scared fun! Well neither do I.

It showed me that some kids….not all….have a very discerning heart and pick up on the dark side of what halloween is. As much as we try to make it ‘fun’ to be as scary as possible….for a child this effects how they see things and sometimes their view of the world is tinted. And I don’t want my kids getting used to being fearful….fear is opposed to what my faith is all about! So this year there aint gunna be no scariness in my house. Its gunna be all about love, fun, light, games, music and celebrating the coming together of friends! Let me say this…..I am not against anyone celebrating halloween, dressing up and the scaring stuff….your business is your business…but what I think we should do is think about the kids….are they conditioned to find scary things fun? Are we celebrating something that will tint their innocent, full of faith minds. I grew up completely naive to it all, i did not miss out! Let this be a challenge not to those who want to celebrate halloween but to those who don’t…..what are you putting in its place to redeem it? This festival will be a reminder to me that light still overcomes darkness and I dictate how much light exudes from me and my house!

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