Living to give or living to gain?

This weekend i’ve been inspired. Changed. I don’t think i’ll ever be the same. Some months ago I organised for preacher Ray Hughes to come to our church to speak and to film with TWE. I knew this would be amazing and we would hear some fantastic stuff filled with revelation and truth, I couldn’t wait for people to hear it. Little did i know the impact it would have on me.

Most of the time in most churches I see people who live to gain. They do give, they help, they say the ‘right’ blow wind up your nose type things, they sound the bees knees BUT they do all these things to gain themselves… gain self esteem, confidence, praise from others etc. They do good works to benefit the impact on themselves, so when things are not going in their favour often they up sticks and go elsewhere, blame other people, find excuses why something didn’t work. This is not the heart of giving but gaining.

This weekend I learnt all about Frank and Seth Joshua. If you haven’t heard of them, read up on them. But i didn’t just learn about them, I felt it, iIwept it. These were two men who gave everything, not just financially helping people but they give of themselves, love poured from every pore. Now these were two characters, Seth quite loud and brash and Frank, quirky. But despite their character and personality they give to people out of utter love. They preached with love, they organised church events with love, they cleaned the toilets with love. See, they did not look to gain for seeing someone benefit from the love they gave. They just lived a life that gave, as they knew that was the heart of God.

With this in mind, these two men achieved unbelievable things in Wales and in turn impacted the world. Yet they died as they lived and they keep giving and teaching us through their legacy. Be a person who gives without looking to take. Find your gain in Christ alone and not anything this world can offer you. And when you find yourself gaining then be sure to give too.

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