Political Dilemma?

Okay, so this isnt going to go down well with some people but let me just point out that i am just one person and do not speak for the majority of christians…..i just speak for out of the box thinking people! Opps. lol. So here goes nothing.

I recently had a conversation with 4 friends, whom i think are awesome, about our political stance and who we would be voting for in the up coming election. I chose to on this occasion not give my opinion but to just listen and find the logic and wisdom of what they were saying. I was astonished by what i was hearing. It wasnt the fact that they agreed with labours policies that shocked me because i too agree with some of their policies but it was a comment that one of them made that the rest kinda agrees with that shook me to the core. I quote ‘once labour always labour’…..wow! So now its gone from being a party that may or may not affect your life and those of your family but now its become a lifestyle choice, a badge of honour, an elite of people who deem all other supporting parties ridiculous. Im stumped. And its not just labour supporters that are like this….im sure there are lifelong conservatives etc etc.

Why are we not looking at the policies, the morality stance and the wisdom of these parties and their leaders….and most importantly why are we not looking at the biblical stance and aligning ourselves with scripture when it comes to voting. Let me just outline that i am NOT for any policital party….i have previously voted labour, conversative and ukip! So i guess i therefore am not chained to a certain way of thinking because thats the party my parents brought me up to be in…..im a free thinker. My parents brought me up to take everything into consideration….from biblical to economical…..this has changed in every party from 20 years ago when i first voted. I wasnt taught to believe what my parents believed…..just as evidence, i am a brexiteer and my sister is a remainer….so we werent brainwashed into thinking a certain way as we were growing up, we were told to explore the options, know what your voting for, believe in the policies not the party. Imagine this……..if everybody was a free thinker maybe we would have better politics….unity between voters….acceptance of opinions and views! By all means vote for who you want….but do it with conviction, knowledge and wisdom….not based on a loyalty.

For anyone who wants to know what the biblical stance is on voting…..the bible clearly states in genesis 10 that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. If you want to align your voting up with scripture then find out which parties are for Israel.
Now i know this will present a dilemma for alot of christians because maybe the party you support is in favour of the palestinians…..but please i beg you, be a free thinker…even if that leads you back to where you started.

Originally posted May 29th 2017.

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