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Five tips for understanding worship

Worship doesn’t have a genre. The worship team playing your favourite song doesn’t mean you’re more able to worship. That’s shallow worship because it’s doing more for you than God. Worshipping God regardless of the music and surroundings is a good indicator of your boundaries of worship. Be boundless! Know why we worship. The key to this is in the bible, look up the Tabernacle as the pattern for worship is there. It has been said that when the pattern is right the glory will fall. Have we got the pattern of......

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Prayer Storm UK Awakening Tour Wales

The Prayer Storm team from Manchester will be travelling the good’ol M4 to join us in Neath. To lead the collective Church in Neath and Wales in a day of Worship, Prayer And Fasting! Come and join us for an awesome time of Worship and Prayer. You need to be there. Do not miss it. Saturday the 12th May. 12 – 6pm. At the Mission Hall Church, Neath, SA11 3NB....

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