The humility pill!

Life has a way of dishing you out a humility pill now and again. When everything is going amazing, you’re finding yourself in situations you never dreamt you’d be in….life is just peachy and then you start losing track of the core things that are important in life because you’re too distracted with stuff….meaningless stuff! Well let me tell you of the dose of humility i recieved today.

I woke up after an amazing FULL nights sleep (yes its totes rare and soooo appreciated when it happens….this was my time!). The kids woke up easily without any grumble (yes, this too is rare and appreciated when it happens). I get the boys downstairs and dish up their breakfast…..cocopops. From here im afraid is where the dream stops….it goes downhill from here. I hear a smash on the floor…..levi has tipped a FULL bowl of cocopops all over himself, Noah and the floor…..he spends breakfast time on the naughty step….screaming. i clean up and get the boys clothes ready. I start dressing levi whilst asking elijah to get his butt in gear and get dressed. I finish dressing levi and start helping noah… still shouting at elijah to hurry up. Then i notice elijah has a hole right on his crouch. He takes them off while i get yesterdays trouser out of the dirty laundry (ewwwww i know, but what can you do). Then he cant find his jumper…..oh Jesus help me…..

Im searching frantically for the jumper. Then he remembers he left it in jons van. Thank God because hyperthemia is not a good look on a 9 year old! So i tell him to go to the van and get it…..he rushes down the front path and trips up noah, who goes flying down 3 steps…..hes screaming…..levi too is still screaming. At this point im beginning to lose my sanity….im singing ‘ill fly away oh glory, ill fly away’ just to stop my mind from exploding all over my clean car. The boys are in the car….im telling elijah off for tripping up noah…..all three are crying. I finally get to school…..late…..three crying snobby kids…….but at least i got them there…..nope schools locked. Jesus take me home now. We knock and knock til they open the doors to a glorious freedom! I got back in the car and reflected on how the evening before i was facetiming a really prominant worship leader and the next morning im battling 3 munchkins…..and then a dose of humility hit me. Sometimes the precious and most important things in life are hard….draining….messy things….but those are the most rewarding. Dont assume that life will be amazing if you could just have opportunities to show how amazing you are and what you can do. Its the simple, mundane things that make you amazing because they keep giving you a humility pill that shapes your character ready for the opportunities.

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