To Honour

I’ve always believed in the importance of honouring your elders. It’s built right in there at number 5 of the ten commandments after all!

But in addition to that I believe it’s important to honour those mentors in our lives who teach and equip us to ‘do life’ more generally speaking. Those people whose influence on us lasts far longer than the time actually spent together. For me, one such person is Tim Finch. You may recognise the name if you have seen our recent video ‘Real Stories – Passion Through The Plight’ (Linked below).

I first met Tim around 2002/2003 (exact dates escape me) where he was speaking at a music and media event about his work. At the time he owned and ran a small film company, producing media content from a Christian perspective as well as general client video work.

I was a budding filmmaker around that time and stuck in dead end jobs that were thoroughly unsatisfying. I’ll be the first to admit that my technical skill level in filmmaking at that time was also quite limited. All things considered, I wasn’t anywhere near being able to work in video as a proper job.

But God makes a way, where there seemingly is no way. Tim was involved with another mutual acquaintance, Billy Angel, an ITV drama producer. And together they organised a video training weekend. A number of young Christian filmmakers came together over a weekend to learn and have some hands on experience with TV kit. It was a great experience for me and cemented in my heart that this is what I wanted to do.

Over the following years (2005-2008) Tim brought me in to work on a number of client jobs and events where he needed an extra hand, and our relationship and my skillsets increased. During this time there was no expectation that the work would turn into anything more consistent, but Tim could see that I was eager to help when I could.

Early 2008, following on from one particularly long and stressful experience where Tim had hired me in to assist. The idea of working with him properly became a possibility. But practically this was difficult in a number of ways, Tim didn’t have an office at the time, but more so, he lived in Taunton and I lived in Neath.

After much discussion and a few trials and tribulations. In December 2008 I went part time with my call centre job and I travelled to Taunton to work with Tim for two days a week. Things went well and we moved into an office (lots of video kit needs lots of space) and I also later went to three days a week for a time. It was an excellent period of learning for me, getting consistent hands on camera and editing experience, and all of the other practical considerations of managing equipment and running a company.

Tim had heard from God quite clearly to draw the company to a close in early 2010, so my time working with him came to an end (the commute was a nightmare so it was a relief in that way). But my time working with Tim gave me the confidence to go out on my own and start my own self-employed freelancing career. Big Llama Media was established in August 2010.

Tims journey with music as told in his video, echoes my own journey with video work. I wasn’t ready all those years ago, from a skills perspective and more importantly, from a spiritual perspective. God took me on a journey of discovery, where I learned to craft video narrative to tell engaging stories. To present video and audio to complement that narrative so that it is not about the video itself, but to be more than the sum of its parts. To be a tool for a message God wants to speak through it.

Tim hadn’t spoken much about his love for creating music during our time working together. But when Tim asked me to record his bands concert in February 2018, the story of how God has brought him through the valley in that regard became clear. From there the decision to tell that story through The Worship Effect was a no brainer!

I am forever thankful that Tim invested time in me. To teach me what he knew and to give me discipline in practical ways in all manner of video related skills. I believe that he saw something in me, not that I was going to be the next Steven Speilberg. But just a heart that wanted to learn and serve and put my hand to something when God opens a door.

Tim. Thank you. In many ways I consider you a father to this Worship Effect project I’m involved in, as I probably wouldn’t have been in the right place to say yes to God if it wasn’t for your involvement in my life, and it’s truly been a pleasure to tell the story of your music journey.

For everyone else reading this, who in your life do you need to honour and thank God for? Who is there in your life you can mentor, teach and impart wisdom and guidance to for their life journey?

God uses us to be both teacher and pupil (and you’re never too old or young to be either). And I believe on this earth, we’ll never fully know the impact that our obedience to His call has on eternity.


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