The Worship Effect Team

Mission Statment:

When The Worship Effect started in early 2017, the Lord gave us a mandate to encourage authenticity and creativity in His people.

Two years later, the Lord has built something through us which encompasses so much more. We are a voice, one of many. Our aim is to give Gods people a space to talk about what God has put on their hearts, the lessons they have learnt and what God has done through them.

Why? Well someones story can become someones stirring and a call to go and do what God is calling them to.

We have no specific vision other than action, as God instructs. We cannot and will not divert from this because whenever we do 'good ideas' we get it spectacularly wrong. So we listen and do, walking through the doors of opportunities we are presented with and allowing doors to close that are not meant for us.

After many prophecies over The Worship Effect team, we believe we are the Davids Tabernacle of today. Creating a space for God to dwell amongst an authentic creative people. so here we are encouraging people to be of the heart of David. Unrestrained by religion and expectation but totally abandoned to the purpose of the most High. For us, Jesus is everything.

Wherever He is we will go, wherever He isn’t, we wont.

The Worship Effect team are a bit of an odd bunch, find out a little more about us here.