When God Calls

I’d like to share with you all briefly how God called me into working at The Worship Effect, it’s a story of God fulfilling the desires of your heart, and then some!

I have been established as a self-employed freelance videographer since 2010 and working in video for much longer than that. I have worked with many clients over the years on a wide range of video genres and I can honestly say I love what I do. But I look back and recognise the standout projects for me, for my heart, is when I’m working on projects for the Kingdom. For clients with a Christian ethos or just my own productions.

An opportunity to work with a friend and colleague arose in early 2016, where I joined a small team of people at a video and film production company. It wasn’t a Christian venture, but I enjoyed my time spent working there throughout 2016 and we worked on numerous videos that I was proud of being a part of.

But during that time there was something missing. I always had a feeling that God was truly calling me to focus on work for His kingdom. What that looked like and how it would work I had no clue. So towards the end of the year when a childcare issue made it unfeasible for me to continue working at the company with my friend, the opportunity was there for me to be available again for God.

So this is where Faith comes into the picture. Well, I say that, I’ve been a part of Church on the Move since 2003 and had known Faith prior to that. She is one of my closest friends, loyal, dependable and as blunt as a rusty hammer when dishing out home truths. But I know I can rely on her to be fully after Gods heart.

Just five days after I was a free agent and contemplating self-employment again, Faith called myself and two others for a meeting. ‘We’re going to start this thing called The Worship Effect and we’re going to make videos and see what happens’. That was about the gist of it. She wasn’t aware that I had just finished my employment and I had more time on my hands, but it seems God certainly knew.

When God calls you to something, I don’t believe he calls you to something you have no interest in or skills to accomplish. People worry about being called to mission to the African rainforest and worry how they’d cope. Well I dare to say He won’t, unless you’re the sort of person who likes to evangelise and travel the world.

God will give you the heart to serve Him with the very gifts He gave you in the first place. I know I’d struggle in the rain forest, which is why he’s called me to produce videos and share His heart through The Worship Effect because I get to go home and sleep in my own bed every night, with a complete lack of insects buzzing or crawling all around me.

The most important thing I want to convey by sharing this, is to just be available. If I had stayed working with my friend because the security of a monthly paycheque was appealing, then it’s likely that The Worship Effect wouldn’t look like it does today. But the desire of my heart was to serve the Lord in the talents He gave me. And the key element, when the timing was right, I was able to step out and say yes and Amen to Faith when presented with the opportunity to do just that. To serve the Lord in what he’s called me to.

I encourage you to step out into the desires of your heart, into what He’s called you to, whatever that may be.

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