Who is building what?

I had the pleasure of hearing a famous preachers story yesterday and it got to the core of me. He has thousands in his church so he plants a new church every month because of the overflow of people coming in. I assumed for a long time that this was a man that just heard the call of the Lord and did it and bang! It has exploded and keeps growing.

But that’s not how it happened. I loved the honesty that poured out of his heart. He started a church from the Lords direction, but he did it through his own ideas of what would work. He hired more pastors, told them what their ‘preach’ subject would be every week. He put his own idea of worship on the worship leaders and soon every church he had planted became clones of his original and everyone had the same ‘experience’.

He told me he had built the church and it was growing but he knew something was wrong. His leaders started failing on a spectacular level. Some even committed suicide due to the pressures of this ‘business church’.

How could it be that this growing and seemingly fruitful church was also experiencing such loss? When these things happened it destroyed the church, tearing it apart. Now the ‘personality’ preacher had gone and there was nothing to sustain it. The pastor took to his knees and begged the Lord for help. The Lord spoke profoundly to him, “You’ve built a thriving church based on numbers but left out the revelation and spirit”. Wow!

The pastor turned things around pretty quickly. He lost a lot of people in the beginning but then heaven opened to them.

You see, we can build the church, pack it out with people, have all the latest tech and worship songs but that’s not what God said. He said, ‘I will build My church’. Churches built on a man made business idea are ticking time bombs for moral failure.

A church built by God himself relies solely on His presence and grace to create a family of people that love each other, come storm or peace. That’s not to say someone won’t mess up and fail, instead, the net to catch them is one of grace. Which therefore doesn’t break the church apart but rather rallies the troops together. Becoming comrades and men in arms, a family.

The only piece of furniture in the tabernacle Moses wasn’t given a measurement for was the lampstand. The lampstand is referred to in revelation as the church, but God did give Moses the weight of the lampstand. You see, it’s not about how big the church is, it’s about its influence. What is there? What weight does it carry in the spiritual? Are the people fulfilling their calling individually and enhancing the church out of a servant heart? What weight does your church hold?

Pastors, leaders, stop chasing after numbers. Jesus didn’t chase people. They came to him as he fulfilled his very purpose. He talked to the outcast, He healed the sick, He taught the disciples. He chose just twelve and the weight of those chosen impacted the world.

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